Housing is the most important challenge for today’s society and therefore it is eminently political. It is at the same time the most beautiful and critical challenge for contemporary architecture. The dwelling is the measurement unit of the city and the factor for inclusion and a vital social life.

In this design studio we explore and define qualities of housing in urban cohabitation. From inside out, with feet on the ground, from the smallest to the largest. The students transfer their design objectives to architectural and spatial proposals of housing.
By working on the topic housing, we will be confronted with a lot of various questions (about economy, construction, spatial and social relations, mixed use, etc.) which need to be studied carefully and precisely, in an organised way.

For this purpose, the semester is divided into two parts which form the same process. The main objective of the studio is to create modern better conditions of living for all through the construction of a very specific knowledge about what modern housing should be.
The first part will be dedicated to the research and experimentation of the required qualities and potentials of living spaces through 3 tasks. These 3 simultaneous tasks are complementary for an overall understanding of housing qualities.
The second part will be dedicated to the design of a collective housing building, starting from the statements and experiments of the first part of the semester, inspired by the different projects studied. Each group develops a project of about thirty housing units. It is the result of the combination of different typologies studied individually by each member of the group. This collective project will also include a number of communal spaces and services needed by such a building.


Introduction: Tue, February 19 / 10 a.m.
by Anne Lacaton, ONA G23

FS 2019 Studio Poster