QUALITIES OF INHABITING – studio documentation

Throughout our life we inhabit countless and ever-changing spaces and environments. They fill our sensations and memories, take us on journeys, invite us to imagine. Their impact is immediate. Though, most of the time this only touches our subconsciousness, with the origin of these germinating feelings rarely considered in their wholeness. Capturing qualities of inhabiting from the origins of these emotions is a delicate, infinite and subjective attempt, one that is fragmentary and never complete. Nevertheless, it is this unveiling which aims to give them an outline, to create a fertile ground where we may question housing production in terms of quality of inhabiting for everyone anew.

Text contributions by: Marc Angélil, Aristide Antonas, Christian von Borries, Francesco Careri, Florencia Collo, Massimo Faiferri, Andreas Hofer, Christophe Hutin, Momoyo Kaijima, José María de Lapuerta, Philip Ursprung, Jan de Vylder, Jens Knöpfel, Tamino Kuny, Klara Richard, Alice Tripet, Meghan Rolvien, Julian Wäckerlin, Anne Lacaton, Jean-Philippe Vassal, and Carina Sacher

Studio documentation of winter semester 2018 and summer semester 2019